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Welcome to the JCPD


We love. We work. We play. We do business. We’re also blind, Deaf, have physical, mental, developmental and intellectual disabilities. We’re the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities. You can call us the JCPD. We’re here to champion Jamaica’s call for inclusion and accommodation of all Persons with Disabilities in national life.



Promoting, protecting, and ensuring the full and equal enjoyment of privileges, interests, benefits, and treatment of persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others.


The premier national organization that forges local, regional, and international partnerships to promote, protect, and ensure the rights of persons with disabilities in Jamaica.


To promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities through equitable opportunities, partnership, and participation; sustained by innovation, technology, and a highly committed staff.

JCPD Services & Concerns


Identifies persons with disabilities and maintains a Confidential Register of PWDs…

Assessment and Training

Provides each client with assessment and independent living skills through the…


Champions the rights of PWDs as advisors to both Government and…

Public Education & Awareness

Creates awareness for and educates the society on matters of disability…

Access to Financial Support & Employment

Assists with finding employment for persons with disabilities through our Job…

Research and Referral

Conducts Research and makes available to stakeholders and the public. Refers…

The Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities

Why Register?

It is important that you register so that you can access the benefits and services of the JCPD. Registration also helps us to know what your needs are and where persons with disabilities are located island-wide so that plans can be made to serve you better!

Rehabilitation Grants for income generating projects

Identifying and registering persons with disabilities in Jamaica.

Public Education campaigns educating the society on disability issues.

We are unable to accept any NEW applications for rehabilitation grants (EEG/AAG/ Grants of $30,000.00 and below) until further notice. However, applications already submitted to the JCPD will be reviewed and processed during this financial year starting April 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding during this time of transition.